Habit of Kindness

When we think of Morality we think of the art of Kindness. It may be thought as “ Morality “ in action.

Since Morality is the contribution of self to society , Kindness is the key that unlocks the inner door and makes it possible for a person to enter the lives of others.

In all of life’s contacts , our activities in the social , business , or fraternal world , there is no commodity of greater value than the simple art of Kindness. Our busy advanced era can not blot out its importance , nor can it relegate an act of Kindness to an insignificant corner of our lives.

In our judgment of others , brutality can never be accepted as even a fair substitute for Kindness. We want for ourselves the good things in life. They escape us if we do not contribute the same gifts to others in the form of Courtesy and Kindness.

Kindness may be directly associated with the intellect , but not necessary from any higher education.

The person who has caught the true spirit of religion , whose religion extends to active participation in the lives of others , will express that spirit through he remains silent as to the details of his affiliation.

We do not claim that Kindness is an exclusively Masonic virtue , but amongst men trained in the study of themselves in relation to others. There is every reason to expect the highest expression of that is all good which will stem forth from the study and application of the teachings of Freemasonry.

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