Learning of Tolerance

The English Civil War was important to Freemasonry for many reasons , even today non-Freemasons know little about the war and its lasting results.

War broke out in 1641 between King Charles 1 ( Cavaliers ) and the Protestant Puritans ( Roundheads ) . It pitted brother against brother and was finally won by the Roundheads under Cromwell. Unfortunately King Charles 1 was beheaded and the people were so upset that within a decade they wanted a monarchy back.

King Charles 11 was crowned in 1661 and unlike his father was a lover and not a fighter. He was also more interested in science and reason than he was in religious persecution. He was truly a man of the new age . An age that welcomed the new principles of speculative Freemasonry.

In 1717 , when the first Grand Lodge was formed in London unusual rules were established.

Discussion on religion was prohibited. Meetings would not be disrupted by arguments between Catholics Anglicans , Puritans and Protestants. As long as a member believed in a GOD , there would be no questioning of their faith.

War would not be tolerated. Freemasons were determined to survive issues that torn countries apart.

Lodges were to stress friendship and brotherhood.

There must be a good and hearty dinner.

The principles advanced through King Charles 11 leadership formed some of the cornerstones which underlies the basis of Freemasonry. It is the essence of our relationship between our Brothers, in our Lodge, and all Lodges around the World. So much of our daily lives hinge around a single person’s principles and attitudes in the way he views his relationship to his fellow man and the ideals he strives for. Such a man was King Charles 11 . How many other people spring to mind when we reflect on life . We should always live respected and die regretted.

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