Mysticism and Masonic Confusion

If you read enough about Freemasonry you will have come across the writings of Mackey, Hall, Waite, Lomax and Pike. These men, and many others , have filled reams of paper with scholarly observations about Freemasonry. They eloquently link the Craft to the ancient times of Egypt and other periods. They wrote that Freemasonry was directly descended from the pagan rites and ancient religions. Some wrote that Freemasonry was the stepchild of magic, alchemy and the shadowy mystics who dabbled in the world of the Kabbalah and in the mysterious ancient writings like the Key of Solomon. The works of these men were filled with fabulous tales of beliefs and cultures and cryptic theories of the deepest and earliest origins of Freemasonry.

In short their writings must be treated with suspicion.

Many of the writers were incredible scholars and had dazzling intellectual and spiritual knowledge. Their works were both enlightening and frustrating because they reach into obscure legends and beliefs and extract what appears to be a lavish and alluring connection over a 3000-year period to modern Freemasonry. Unfortunately, much of it is wishful thinking.

Sadly they ignore the paper trail and documented evidence that exists in England and Scotland that tells the real story. Freemasonry descended from the stonemason guilds and was taken over, in the late 1600s , by philosophers , nobles and men of science and learning. The Masons did not build cathedrals by using levitation of stones. They did not cast spells to turn their enemies into gargoyles shaped as demons. They did not transform base metals into gold to pay their wages. Geometry is not a sorcerer’s art , if it were no one would be safe from the calculator and the protractor.

Unfortunately big thick books were written and are often cited as “ proof “ of an occult connection to Freemasonry. Worse still they are deliberately altered by critics of the Craft and Freemasonry. Such disinformation refers to such things as the Holy Grail, making sacrifices to Lucifer and worshiping goats.

The writers were well read on the wide variety of the worlds religions and cultures and their work on the subjects of symbolism and philosophy can be fascinating. Let's just say that their version of history of modern day Freemasonry is not accurate and let's leave it at that.

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