The Masonic Bible

Freemasons have been accused of using their own , presumably Satanic , Bible in their Workings . Masonic Bibles are on sale from a number of outlets and are hence not difficult to obtain.

The myth is actually in two parts. Lodges in predominantly Christian communities commonly have the custom of presenting the new Master Mason with a commemorative heirloom Bible. The one commonly used is the 1611 translation of the King James version , published especially for Masonic Lodges. It normally contains an area in the front for the Mason to commemorate important dates in his degree work , places for his Brethern to sign the records of his degrees. It also contains a 94 page glossary of biblical references relating to Masonic ceremonies , essays about Masonry and some common questions and answers. The rest of it is the entire King James version of the Old and New Testament.

The second part of the myth has to do with the use of the Volume of the Sacred Law in a Masonic lodge. All regular , well-governed lodges must have a book considered sacred to its members open on the Lodge Altar during meetings. Depending on what part of the World the Lodge is in and the beliefs of the Lodge members , this sacred book could be the Bible , the Hebrew Tanach , the Muslim Koran , the Hindu Veda or the Proverbs of Confusius. It is simply referred to as the Volume of the Sacred Law , as a nonsectarian term.

What we inherited from King Charles II , after the Puritan Wars in England , was that we should always observe the following :

• Brotherhood

• No discussions on politics

• No discussions on religion

• Have a hearty meal or Festive Board after each Working

Each of the above points forms the very basis of our Order and has been the subject of many lessons to the candidates through the ages. The bond of friendship , the avoidance of conflict and the coming together for a simple refreshment over which bonds are forged and friendships are cemented.

The message is for us all to be tolerant towards others especially their opinions and beliefs. We are not higher placed to assume that others are inferior. There are good men in all walks of life. If the most common causes of conflict are removed from our Order then we are truly the Children of God in all our forms and ideologies.

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