The Most Holy Place

From the beginning of our civilization we have centered our Beliefs through the medium of the Alter. This is the place where we communicate directly to our God. This gives us a direct connection to the Almighty and placed our hopes , obligations , requests and obedience at a personal level. This communication is therefore very special to us.

Freemasonry similarly places due important to the status and importance of the Alter in our Workings and relationship to God and our fellow man. The direct line between the Alter and the Chair of Solomon is unspoken in its importance to the Master of the Lodge as he represents King Solomon . The responsibility associated with the obligation taken by the Master at the Installation has therefore far reaching implications. His pledge is of significant importance in that it must be observed and forfilled.

The essence of the Alter is best reflected in the following poem by an author unknown :

Long before there was a Temple, I was there,

It is with me, they learned to bow in prayer.

To take a vow of allegiance and testify,

To a faith in God before they die.

I’ve heard all the passions and cries of time,

From those that are righteous and those of crime.

From some wanting mercy and some needing love,

Or those just talking to the great one above.

I’ve held the treasures of the greatest of king,

From their jewels and riches to their offspring.

Men of all lands have walked around me,

I have existed throughout history.

How many souls have come knelt with me,

To promise the cosmos their sanctity.

To hold the books of all the faiths,

I am held as the most holy place.

The pauper and slave are safe at my side,

The emperor and king come here to abide.

To swear allegiance, to all that’s right,

To raise their desire, to see the light.

I have been made of earth, wood and stone,

Used for prayers, weddings and throne.

I have held the three great lights,

I am the altar of all that is right.

So Mote It Be

©2018 by Lodge Cape Town.